Dry Eye Specialists

I've personally visited 10+ doctors across Canada/USA/Hong Kong, virtually every single doctor have given me different opinions and treatment plans. One doctor even just send me home, and told me I will just live with chronic pain for the rest of my life. Other doctors have given me outdated treatment plans or sell me expensive products/services which do not help the underlying cause of the disease. I definitely recommend you to consult more than one doctor to get different opinions and treatment options.

Vikram Lekhi, MD, FRCSCIPL, LipiFlow, Probing, ProkeraSeema Eye Care Centre (Calgary)
Richard Maharaj, OD, FAAOIPL, LipiFlow, Probing, Prokera, Radio FrequencyeyeLABS (GTA)
Jeff Ng, ODIPL, ScleralsDr. Edward Chow & Associates (GTA)
Henry Reis, MDIPL, LipiFlow, Radio Frequency, ScleralsIntegra Eye Care Centre (Vancouver)

If you are a dry eye specialist in Ontario, and you wish to be added to this table, please contact me (dryeyetoronto@gmail.com).

Dry Eye Clinics

Below is a list of doctors who have IPL, LipiFlow or provide some other dry eye services at their clinics. Prices vary quite a bit across clinics, call around and ask for pricing.

John Blaylock, MD, FRCSCLipiFlow ($900)Valley Laser Eye Centre (Vancouver)
Helen Brandenborg, ODLipiFlowHerzig Eye Institute (GTA)
Barbara Caffery, ODToronto Eye Care (GTA)
Roshni Echharam, ODLipiFlow, ScleralsNorth Toronto Medical Optometry & Vision Care (GTA)
Carol Fan, ODLipiFlowBochner Eye Institute (GTA)
Matthew Kwong, ODLipiFlowErin Mills Eye Exam Clinic (GTA)
David Innamorato, ODLipiFlow ($1300), IPLUnionville Optometry (GTA)
Albert Ng, ODIPL, LipiFlow2010 Eye Care Centre (GTA)
Ritesh Patel, ODLipiFlowSee & Be Seen Eyecare (GTA)
Alan Slomovic, MDIPL ($200-300)Toronto Western Hospital (GTA)
Navjit Sodhi, ODIPLLynn Valley Optomety (Vancouver)
?IPLUptown Eye Specialists (GTA)

Medical Emergencies

For any medical emergencies, please call 911 and/or visit your doctor/hospital. The Toronto Western Hospital is a premier hospital in GTA, they have a team of very talented opthamologists, many of which are also faculty at the University of Toronto and involved with the latest research and treatments.

St. Michael's HospitalOphthalmologySt. Michael's Hospital Eye Clinic
Sunnybrook HospitalOphthalmologySunnybrook Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences
Toronto Western HospitalOphthalmologyDonald K. Johnson Eye Centre